Bride's Crew Bachelorette White Sailor Hat


Whether you are heading on a cruise, a sailboat or going out for a night on the town..these cute Bachelorette White Sailor Hats are a must have. These White Sailor Hats are a fun addition to any bachelorette party.

  • Jacobson Company Brand Hats
  • White Sailor Hats come stacked (not folded)
  • Customize the wording on the hats using the suggestions listed or upload your own design.

Wording Ideas

Bride ⚓
The (patch in middle) Bride
Let's Get Nauti! ⚓
Let's Get Ship Faced! ⚓
Mate of ⚓ Honor (Honour)
First ⚓ Mate
Bride's ⚓ Mate
Mother of ⚓ the Bride/Groom
Bride's ⚓ Crew
Nauti ⚓ Crew


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